About Us

MASC, selected as the "2008-2009 State Association of the Year" by the National Council on Aging, is a member-driven organization that relies on the expertise and enthusiasm of its members. MASC currently has approximately 180 members across the state. The association is governed by a Board of Directors.

Standing Committees

Members are encouraged to become involved in one or more of the following 10 standing committees:

Membership: Initiates ways and means of recruiting qualified individuals and organizations to apply for membership.

Public Relations: Responsible for promoting Association activities through all means of available communication.

Legislative: Apprises the Board of Directors and general membership of recent and pending local, state, and national legislation.

Training: Responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating training opportunities.

Ways and Means: Responsible for the raising of funds for the operation of the Association.

Program Awards: Responsible for developing program award categories and definitions and planning the annual awards recognition ceremony.

Nominations/Elections: Responsible for notifying membership of upcoming elections, compiling a slate of officers, conducting election and announcing winners.

Website: Responsible for maintaining website and reporting on use statistics.